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White Labeled Virtual Practice Services For Corporate In House Medical Staff

Our HIPAA compliant virtual practice platform can help your in-house medical staff help your employees more easily and cost effectively.
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Why Virtual Practice?

Virtual practice is an ideal solution for large-scale corporations that offer medical services to employees. With telemedicine, in-house medical staff can reach employees remotely using HIPAA compliant technology. Our platform helps corporate medical providers offer consistent care with no wait, no need for child care, and less overhead cost.

Other advantages of virtual practice include:


Your medical staff has the ability to work with patients remotely, while workers are more likely to show up for appointments without the hassle of travel time and missed hours.


In-house medical staff can save time and operate more efficiently through virtual practice appointments while corporations save on costs. 


Virtual practice systems can also help medical staff remotely monitor employee health and capture vital data to help prioritize delivery of care. 

Why White Labeling?

White labeling refers to customizing our virtual practice platform to use your own corporate name, logo, and existing brand. Employees only see your company name and branding while the platform remains powered by Locqum behind the scenes. White labeling increases confidence in the platform, improves brand recognition, and makes employees more comfortable with new technology.

Why Locqum?

At Locqum, we’re reinventing the way healthcare and technology intersect. Our products are built by doctors for healthcare providers using a deep understanding of how to best serve patients and practices.

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